In 2017, I asked Aliesha Wright for help with chronic back pain which had been with me for over thirty years. Over our five sessions Aliesha gave clear direction and feedback, and was very patient as I learned the stretches and strength exercises. After the fourth session I had something of a breakthrough, and I’m now free of pain. I can’t say enough about Aliesha’s approach. She’s a true professional, who draws on deep knowledge which she delivers with a kind and thoughtful presence. Her terrific sense of humour as a great bonus, and I’m very grateful for her help.

Stephen, Victoria BC


Aliesha helped me see my body and what it was capable of in a whole new light. I walked into my first session with lingering fear about a herniated disc and funky back, but in a short period of time she helped guide me towards confidence through her gentleness, passion, grace, and knowledge. I am grateful to be her student.

Sue Swartz, Bloomington IN


ELDOA has changed the way I occupy space in the world. It has transformed my sleep. Simply put, ELDOA is magic.

Kate Tucker, Victoria BC


My journey through life has been enriched by excellent teachers.  Aliesha is one of the very best: she guides, never pushes; she inspires, never shames; she challenges, while encouraging one to pay attention to his/her body at that moment.  She somehow finds the language that my body understands.  She has taught me how to breathe more effectively and how to use my mind to move parts of my body in new ways.  I started doing ELDOA classes a little over 18 months ago, hoping to relieve an ever worsening cycle of back pain that was only temporarily abated by chiropractors, massage therapists, physiotherapists, and anti-inflammatories.  My progress to pain free life that still includes activities like gardening, dancing, running and hiking is remarkable.  When Aliesha and I started working together, the whole idea of creating space between the vertebrae in the body, the ultimate goal of ELDOA, seemed fantastical to me.  Nevertheless, as each small series of stretches linked with another over time, I have felt my body lengthen and lighten.  I now stand, sit and move with ever more ease.  Thank you Aliesha!

Linda Sheridan, Victoria BC


ELDOA has made it possible for me to improve my posture such that my ballroom dancing has significantly improved.

Katherine McDonnell, Victoria BC


Working with Aliesha is an amazing experience!  She helped me correct imbalances that were so long standing that I was so accustomed to, I had ceased to notice their negative impact.  I was able to create strength and alignment in muscles that felt long ago forgotten and have been able to carry that strength and awareness to my endeavours in Crossfit, Basketball and life.

K. S.  Victoria BC


After 10 years of chronic back pain and the onset of Degenerative Disc Disease these are all the methods of healing that I tried: physio, chiro, massage, acupuncture, anti-inflammatory diet, kinesiology, several different exercises and stretches and many anti-inflammatory medications.  My future was looking grim since I am a tradesman and my work requires great physical exertion.  I had quit golfing and was in pain all the time.  Three weeks after I met Aliesha I started playing golf again.  One simple exercise takes me 2 minutes a day.  Thank you Aliesha.

Nicholas G, Victoria BC


My experience in taking ELDOA classes with Aliesha has been very amazing.  It’s been an essential and transformative tool in helping my body to recover and regain strength from an injury, from which I sustained chronic and debilitating pain.

As an instructor, I’ve found Aliesha to be quite special.  I’ve worked with a lot of different body work instructors and she stands out as someone who genuinely has a vested interest in your recovery and progress.  She pays incredible attention to detail during class with her instruction and adjustments.  She also will take time after classes to talk with you or to send a follow up inquiry and see how your body has reacted to the ELDOA class.  It’s inspiring and gives me more incentive on the path to healing and recovery.  She’s also quite fun!  And we have a lots of laughs in class.  I highly recommend her classes!

Amber Miller, Victoria BC